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Know Your Options Concerning Bankruptcy

In light of economic difficulties, many Kentucky residents may feel as if they are overwhelmed with debt. Whether this burden is due to unexpected expenses such as medical bills or to credit card balances that are spiraling out of control, people who are deeply in debt often find that their income cannot keep up with their expenses.

Attorney Steven S. Crone understands that people with good intentions may find themselves being forced to grapple with the consequences of debt. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy may be the best way to emerge from a bad situation. I can help you determine which type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, is the best for you given your circumstances.

Choose The Best Attorney For Your Situation

As an experienced Owensboro personal bankruptcy attorney, I am familiar with the laws in Kentucky that are relevant to your case. Many people may not realize how they can get a fresh financial start by filing for bankruptcy. However, the process of filing can be complicated, so it is important to work with a lawyer who has extensive experience with bankruptcy cases.

Some of the benefits of a bankruptcy filing can include:

  • Saving your home from foreclosure

  • Stopping creditor harassment and wage garnishment

  • Getting started on your long-term financial future

Regardless of your age, income level or employment status, filing for bankruptcy may be an option for you. Contact my firm today or call me at 270-215-2543 in regard to your case.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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