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One of the most important documents a person can complete during the estate planning process is a will. It is crucial that your document be thoroughly vetted by a lawyer to make sure that it is valid under Kentucky law. At the firm of Steven S. Crone Attorney at Law, we have handled wills for a wide range of clients.

As an attorney who has worked in Owensboro for a long time, I have seen the results of wills that are prepared online or otherwise without the guidance of an attorney. These documents are often successfully contested because they are incomplete or invalid. The best way to avoid a dispute under a will is to make sure it is handled by an attorney.

A common misconception that people might hold about wills is that the attorney who worked on the document and has it in his or her files must be the one to handle the will after the person's death. In fact, any experienced Owensboro will and trust attorney would be able to handle a will in this situation, regardless of where it was drawn up.

Find The Right Trust For Your Situation

Setting up a trust as part of the estate planning process is also often essential for many people. A trust often designates family members, children in particular, as beneficiaries; this may streamline the probate process. However, the beneficiary of a trust also could be a church or charity. A living trust, which allows you to control your assets during your lifetime before they are distributed to your beneficiaries, is another option that appeals to many people.

Attorney Steven S. Crone is eager to help residents of Owensboro and surrounding areas draw up wills and trusts. Reach me at 270-215-2543 or contact me online today.

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