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What Kinds Of Issues Might I Encounter?

Every probate case is different, but many people have similar questions about their role as executor and what they need to do. Some typical questions that you might have include:

  • I am the executor of my father's estate. What do I need to do first?
  • How do I pay for the funeral?
  • What do I need to access the safe deposit box?
  • It looks like there is more than one will. What happens now?

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When a parent or elderly loved one passes away, it often falls to a family member to be the executor of that person's estate. Most people are unfamiliar with the role, which may seem daunting to them. There are many issues to consider at this difficult time, and it is important that they are handled properly.

My firm, Steven S. Crone Attorney at Law, has handled numerous probate cases over the years. I am an experienced Owensboro probate and estate administration lawyer who has guided hundreds of families through the difficult and often complicated process of settling the estate of a loved one.

The process of going through probate can be a daunting one. Many people would just as soon avoid probate if they can, but this is not always possible. In many cases, smaller estates can be relatively simple to administer, while larger estates involve more complicated issues. Having a lawyer like me with extensive experience in the Kentucky probate courts can be a valuable asset.

In these cases, it is often best to consult with an experienced attorney. Give me a call today at 270-215-2543 or contact me online.

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